Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some of the Volks I've Known Lately

A great part of a blessed life is realizing that fact in itself.  Over the past handful of months, I have had the great fortune of wrenching with some pretty special people.  Some times I stand and gawk, other times up to my ears in Volkswagen unmentionables - but every time (most times) grateful for the experience.

Here are a few photos of some of the Volks I've had the pleasure to know in the past year or so.
If we have met, but you aren't represented, then please send me a photo!

Ruckman up to his own ears in Bertha Bus
Hal deep into the daunting task of re-topping his Cabriolet
Doug's perky '67 Beetle
With rebuilt engine (by yours truly)
Will's ageless Beetle, in for a tuneup
Stephan about to start his new engine
Sluggo bus, in for engine work
Randy and Stephan hamming it up
The Ruptured Duck AKA "Cloe"
(mothered by our dear Colin as he wanders the earth)
I had the great delight of helping pull the engine while Spring rain rolled down my neck
The real deal, formerly loved by my dear friend Mike AKA "Bookwus"
 before his passage from this Earth.  (check out that license plate...)
Randy again, CVs this time.
Yuck.  Dead on the table.
Gladys, who I completely rebuilt from a derelict wreck.  Sigh, the one that got away...
87,000 original miles!
oh you have no idea what I went through...
crazy Mark's "Clementine" shining in the Deschutes springtime
in for a tuneup, but I never got her name
the poor stray cat with leaky injectors, featured in a previous post
(I never got her name either, and I assume that she's now onto greener pastures)
Tony's lovely (and gettin' pretty rare) multi-purpose bus
Teri, Eva and me with our '72 Super Beetle
Bugly, who taught her owner repair and maintenance
"I have changed my distributor, timed, and tuned again, oil changed and now redoing my upholstery. Thanks to you for getting me started and the confidence to do so" -Jon
What?  What's this?  Eva in strawberry heaven
(and I'll tell ya, she'd eat the whole thing)
Harvest time (lookit those peaches!)
"Bella" basking in the late summer on Sauvie Island
Grant's very original '73 Transporter
And of course my beloved "Ma" doing what she does best, flanked by the autumn Cascades

Greg's very nice '73 convertible soaking in the autumn rain
"ITS ALIVE: The new battery did the job. Not even a full crank and it fired up perfectly!...thanks for the help Bob it was great hangin out with you and doing the repairs." -Greg
Kent's original '70 Riviera camper
"Glad you came today. It was a pleasure working with you." -Kent

Scott's lovingly restored '67 Ghia hardtop
"Thanks for your help, suggestions and peace of mind, it was exactly what I was looking for." -Scott 

A 1961 pound pup Beetle with difficult shifting and other issues.  She needed more than I could take on that rainy autumn day, but a lovely car onto greener pastures like so many others.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

VW Camper & Bus Magazine - September 2012

I have had the great honor of having my photos and writing appear in England's prestigious VW Camper & Bus Magazine for September 2012!
Those that know me know that I live for wilderness and camping, and of course with my trusty '69 bus getting us back safely after many insane miles into the unknown.  It is only fitting I guess that she'd eventually get featured in her own article.

Much thanks to IPC Media and the great people of VW Camper & Bus for this opportunity!  This is my first published work, and of course I'm quite proud.  

Also, a hearty thank you to the Portland Volks Folks cronies, who's colorful buses are also featured in the article.  Without all of you, I'd never have had such wonderful and trouble-free experiences.  I am eternally grateful for my air cooled family.
Please read on if you'd like.  Click on the pages and they will open in another window so you can read the darned things.
-Bob Koscik