Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Return of BUG - A New Life for an Old Bumblebee

Yes, dear readers, our famous Bug has moved on to a new life.  Just yesterday, she was purchased by a nice young guy from Tacoma - very enthusiastic about classic Volkswagens and eager to learn more.

Bug is his first car, so naturally the first thing I made him promise:
"Please don't run into things!"

That poor car has been knocked around enough.  It is nice to know that she's in the care of a gentle and careful soul. I'm sure she'll receive good care.  

Micah and Bug

Of course the only question filling my mind is 
"NOW what?!"
Oh man.  Maybe a Bus this time...no rest for the weary.


  1. 411 or 412 this time. You've done Bug, you've done Type 3, you do Bus on your own. :-P

  2. If only they weren't so Godawful ugly...Yeah I gotta get on it, time for a winter project.
    Thanks a ton for all your help over the years, Hal.