Tuesday, May 17, 2016

1969 VW Westfalia - Back to Life

It was 2 years of hard work, often full-time and beyond - to bring this Bus back to service.

In 2015, almost done but not quite, she made her first wilderness trip, featured in this article:

After almost another year of fabricating cushions and curtains, and fixing a lot of loose ends, "Bus2" or "Mama2" is now ready to travel where ever there is a road.
  I have repaired or replaced almost every system, and I would trust her anywhere.
Grease pencil and white stencil marks from the Hanover Germany factory
She is a rare, low-mileage and virtually rust free survivor from another age.  It really was a labor of love as I tried to recreate the spirit of an early Bay Window Westfalia, including authentic Baltic Birch paneling, triple-varnished with marine grade Spar Varnish.  
In 1969, this Bus was built to last.  
In honor of this original craftsmanship, I rebuilt her to last another 47 years. 
Thank you to all the VOLKS who have supported me over the years - you know who you are.

Long May You Run  

 1969 Westfalia brochure? Almost not quite.

For a change, I will let the photos do the talking.

 A bit of a dent in the nose and a small amount of rust are the only imperfections yet

Due to a change in life events, this Bus is now for sale.  Please contact Bob at PDX Volks Folks.
I am very sorry to see her go, life goes on...