Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Return of BUG - Fenders and Rust

Sunday, the Sabbath, take it easy but I like to be busy.  Work for work's sake.
It was a nice afternoon, and I got to leave the door open, mixing with the fumes of PB Blaster and Charlie Parker.

Another faithful old implement

People just don't take their time.  This old Bondo repair doesn't match the contour of the fender.  The body filler is still OK so I just filed it down to shape.
Still rough, but the old contours are starting to come out.

  I was also able to pound out that lower area with a hammer, formerly full of Bondo, rusting underneath.  That's what causes holes in cars, among other things.  That rust must be dealt with - and bare metal will always turn to rust.  Paint is more than a pretty face, it is a crucial protector for your car's steel.
Bug did not want to give up her driver's side fender.  It was a stubborn fight, like pulling a broccoli stalk away from a toddler. 
 Look at the factory red paint some time in her past, poor Bug was in a hell of a fender bender, and had her front 1/4 replaced.  Man that's major surgery, nowadays this car would certainly be declared "totaled".

It was quite a fight getting those fender bolts free.  Surprisingly, only one broke off.

Yuck, I will have to deal with this.  It's not structural at least.

Of course there's always some drilling and tapping involved. 
That drill cost me $3

Still life banana
And I'm left with an ever-increasing pile of junk that will somehow transform into a beautiful Bug.

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