Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Return of BUG - Rust and Broken Bolts

I am tired.  It was a double-shift yesterday but I got a lot done.  A lot of beer is strangely missing...

Under the driver's side light, not too bad, just some surface rust. 
POR-15 will take care of this permanently - stay tuned...  

Bug's front end has had a rough life.  It has been bent and battered, Bondo over old rust.  Let's try to reverse some of this unfortunate, poorly repaired damage of long ago.

 After patient hours with body hammers, the old shape starts to come back.  Very methodical, all by touch.
It is a good feeling to see old rusty chunks of Bondo go flying.
A face only a Mother could love?  Don't worry it will get better.
Super Beetles had this lower grille for a rarely used air-conditioning unit.
It is maddening straightening bent teeth but I gave it a good shot.

The rusty old running boards must come off, they are held together by just a suggestion.
Once again I pray that rusty old bolts will not snap off.
Out of the 8 bolts, only 3 come out without snapping, in spite of slow careful work.
Drill out the broken bolts, retap.  It is very rewarding cutting new threads. like a mini act of creation.

Small plastic clips hold on the chrome trim.  These must be replaced, so pry them out with a little screwdriver.  They fit into little holes in the body.

These guys are plastic and just clip into place.  Take them off when painting instead of masking.
There is no telling what is lurking underneath...luckily nothing here.

It is also time to remove the old hood seal and deal with some crustys.  The channel is OK though. 

 Ghost of the Volks
Time and dirt conspire
By popular demand: "Old Scrapey and Little Chippy" hard at work

And the sun comes out for 10 minutes to create weird patterns in between the rain.

Too many fumes?  I think that's enough work for one day.

Spring is springing out there...

But what is this?  Second shift?
A dapper Gypsie stops by to lend a hand after work.    

Thank you but please don't disassemble my tie rods with a ratchet
We immediately get to work again.  No rest for the weary.
Trying to remove a tire with the car on jack stands.  CAN it be done???

No, it can't.
After fighting a losing battle for too long, we bolt a wheel on and just do it the right damn way.

What the hell is wrong with my impact driver?  
A patient Gypsie disassembles my compressor to find a comedy of errors, and it works like a charm.

And that's really enough work for one day.  12 hours!
Bug looks happy, don't you think?
Thank you Gypsie!
We sure get a lot of crazy projects done in this little shop.  But I wonder how many unfortunate beers have given their lives for the cause?

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