Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Return of BUG - Back to the Rear

Well, it's safe to say Bug's front is pretty much done.  What a relief!  And she's looking good too.
Time to get those front wheels repainted and back on so I can tackle those rear fenders...
"Extend" catalyzing primer, then Rustoleum primer, and finally aluminum enamel
Better, yes?  And it will really stand up to the elements.
So, Bug is back on her own two feet again.  She seems relieved.
Off to the back end.  
And guess what?  Only 1 fender bolt stripped out.  Both rear fenders are off!
It was certainly all those prayers to Nordhoff that did it.  Thank you all.

Lookin' weird without her hips
Both wheel wells are flawless and completely rust-free!   How the hell did that happen?  Somehow, Bug managed to lose ALL of her original fenders along the way, yet the body beneath is pristine.
   Most of the battering she received was purely cosmetic.  Still, it must have hurt.
The absence of road salt in the Pacific Northwest is really what has saved these old cars.  20 years ago, I worked with rusted out Midwest wrecks - including my faithful '73 Super Beetle.  And yet, here I am many years later taking apart a relatively rust-free, daily driver Beetle.  It's a strange set of circumstances. 
 Long live the Volks!

Oop gotta fix those charcoal canister connections

New paint is not far off.  But the next couple of days will be crazy so Bug will have to sit.  
It is a good feeling making such dramatic progress.  And soon enough she will fly the nest.

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