Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Return of Bug - The Old Schnozola

My goodness, Super Beetles have a hell of a nose.  Another product of the era, and they sure do take a beating over the years.  Let's try to set things straight again.  I think Bug would like that.

1/2 way done
Due to old drips, rock chips, rust and creases, you have to go down pretty deep into the old surface.
Luckily a palm sander with 150 grit paper works wonders, but makes a lot of dust.
Always wear a respirator!
Almost ready for paint
The herd looks on

 And of course I notice the "teeth" have ugly layers of old paint.  Patient work with Old Scrapey gets it down to bare metal.  1/2 way done...can you even tell?
I was also able to hammer the hood dents pretty darn close to their original shape, and grind away more crap from the front apron.  It is certainly getting there.
More weird patterns, I feel like they're trying to tell me something, like tea leaves...

Work, though slow, repetitive, and monotonous is beginning to bear fruits.  Is anyone even reading this anymore?  Oh man it's just me on the shop floor, grinding into eternity.
Tomorrow: more grinding.  And SANDING!

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